"Knowing what I do, there would be no future peace for me if I kept silent... It is, in the deepest sense, a privilege as well as a duty to speak out to many thousands of people..." —Rachel Carson
Rachel Carson

The Rachel Carson Council, an association for the integrity of the environment, founded in 1965, seeks to inform and advise the public about the effects of pesticides that threaten the health, welfare, and survival of living organisms and biological systems. The Council promotes alternative, environmentally benign pest management strategies to encourage healthier, sustainable living. ...more

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Results from Second Part of
Contamination Study Show Deadly Levels
in St. Louis, MI Robins

Michigan State University environmental toxicology professor Matt Zwiernik presented part two of the results from the 2013 dead bird collection in St. Louis, MI to the Pine River Superfund Taskforce Wednesday.

"Egg DDx levels in the nine-block residential area are some of the highest ever recorded," Zwiernik said ...Full article

The World's Most Dangerous Room

Three and half years after a catastrophic meltdown, Fukushima is far from fixed ...Full article

Sign the Faith Climate Petition and Call on U.S. Political Leaders to Act on Climate!

On September 23, heads of state from around the world will be gathering in New York City for a special UN climate summit. Together with an international movement, religious communities are rising up with love to show support for a strong global treaty that will ensure a save and livable climate ...more

U.S. Forest Service May Soon Decide Whether to Allow Fracking and Horizontal Drilling for Natural Gas in the GW National Forest ...more

Rachel Carson would not have liked what we are doing to "The Sea Around Us."

July Ocean Temperature Hits Record High—Again

Last month, Earth's ocean surfaces tied the previous record for the hottest July during the 130 years the U.S. government has been compiling data ...Full article

Great, hard to locate government climate reports pulled together by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) where RCC's Bob Musil is on the Advisory Board.

There has been an outpouring of reports from both domestic and international governmental bodies supporting the existence, causes, and need for action concerning climate change ...more

Rachel Carson and Cesar Chavez are no longer with us, but the need to follow their example lives on

Farmworkers are still exposed far more than other to dangerous pesticides. Please sign-on to this petition from the UFWA to the EPA to strengthen, not weaken farmworker protections  ...Take action petition

Songbirds dying from DDT in Michigan yards; Superfund site blamed

After residents complained for years about dead birds in their yards, 22 American robins, six European starlings and one bluebird were collected for testing.

The results, revealed last week: the neighborhood's songbirds are being poisoned by DDT, a pesticide that was banned in the United States more than 40 years ago ...more

Health experts question handling of songbird-killing Superfund site

Health experts are questioning the Environmental Protection Agency and Michigan state officials for their decades-long delays in cleanup of a Superfund site that is killing songbirds in yards, possibly leaving people at risk, too.

After years of complaints from residents, researchers recently reported that robins and other birds are dropping dead from DDT poisoning in the mid_Michigan town of St. Louis, which was contaminated by an old chemical plant ...more

Birds fall from sky in St. Louis, Michigan, amid massive chemical cleanup

St. Louis, Michigan's toxic legacy: More than $100 million in taxpayer funded cleanup later, the Michigan city of St. Louis still has a long way to go to excape the contamination left by a former chemical plant in the town. Keith Matheny/Detroit Free Press.

It's startling to watch robins drop from the air, flop around and die, im Vyskocil said. But the St. Louis resident has seen it multiple times.

"It's like they are having a convulsion, and then they're dead," he said.

The cause is no mystery to the nearly 7,500 people who live in this Gatiot County town — a toxic legacy of decades of pollution from the nearby former Velsicol Chemical site on the banks of the Pine River. Velsicolm, and Michigan Chemical before it, made a variety of chemicals starting in the 1930s, including the pesticide DDT and polybrominated biphenyl, or PBB, a flame retardant ...Full article

Study Finds 8 Fracking Chemicals Toxic to Humans

Fracking is once again in trouble. Scientists have found that what gets pumped into hydrocarbon-rich rock as part of the hydraulic fracture technique to release gas and oil trapped in underground reservoirs may not be entirely healthy  ...Full article

Biologists Say Study of Harmful Fracking Effects Needed

Shale production in the United States has increased by more than 700% since 2007, yet the effects of this industry on nature and wildlife are not well understood. In a study published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment on August 1, a group of leading conservation biologists found that determining the environmental impace of chemical contamination from spills, well-casing failure, and other accidents is a top research priority ...more

Unprecedented Investigation Finds Pennsylvania Prioritizes Fracking at Expense of Health, Environment & Law

Pennsylvania has been a hot spot for fracking—and many consequences of this from gas drilling in the state have come to light, from social to health to environmental costs, as well as controversies including contaminated drinking water in the town of Dimock, gag orders on doctors and victims, and the state health department's enforced silence on practice ...Full article

Rachel Carson at Fracking Rally?

Rachel Carson did not write about fracking. But she was deeply concerned about air pollution, water pollution, and worried about the earliest reports of global climate change. Fracking, the common term for the process of hydraulic fracturing, makes all these things worse. Nearly 1,000 activists rallied on a scorching (93º F.) and humid Washington day in front of the U.S. Capitol. ...more

More on Fracking: Costs Outweigh Benefits

States With Fracking See Surge In Earthquake Activity

New Comprehensive
Fracking Compendium

A new comprehensive compendium of the scientific, medical and media findings demonstrating the risks and harms of fracking has been assembled by Concerned Health Professionals of New York. The document is systemactically organized in a manner accessible to researchers, public officials, journalists and the public at large. ...more

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here's 27 easy ways to prevent mosquitos from breeding. Did you know that mosquitoes can breed in any container capable of holding a teaspoon of water?  Other possible breeding sites are bird baths, potted plants with saucers and gutters ...more


A new study links pregnant women in California living near areas treated with pesticides to children with autism spectrum disorder. ...more


Pope Francis Called For More Respect for Nature in an Address at the University of Molise, Italy ...more

Stewards of the Earth: Local Churches Going Green as Part of Their Faith ...more

Rabbi Moti Rieber travels the politically red state of Kansas armed with the book Genesis, a Psalm and even the words of Jesus Christ to lecture church audiences and occasionally sermonize if they'll let him, about the threat of global warming ...more

Find out more with the new RCC Report Behind the Wall!

New RCC Report
on Climate Change

Ideal for classrooms, colleges, congregations, and individuals who want to understand the origins of religious environmentalism and how to work with religious Americans who care about global climate change.  Available as a free download, Behind the Wall: American Religion and Global Climate Change is the latest authoritive, yet readable report from the Rachel Carson Council and its President and CEO, Dr. Robert K. Musil ...more

Jelly fish in
Maine this summer?

The early summer invasion appears to be heavier than normal this year, surprising some and distressing others ...more

Our colleagues at the Environmental Defense Fund have developed an incredible data map to find out where natural gas (methane—a potent greenhouse gas) is leaking in three major U.S. cities. Take a look

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Rachel Carson and Her Sisters 2014 — Lecture and Book Appearances by RCC President Bob Musil

In Rachel Carson and Her Sisters, Robert K. Musil redefines the achievements and legacy of environmental pioneer and scientist Rachel Carson ..more


Rachel Carson's work helped save our majestic national emblem

DDT was thinning egg shells so eaglets were not hatching. Now check this live web cam to see live eagles and eaglets on the nest! Download our new no cost Bald Eagle booklet (see below) for classes or your kids.

Bald Eagles
Symbol of Our Nation

This 12 page publication is loaded with facts, games and more. Removing one chemical, DDT, from the environment contributed in large measure to the recovery of the nation's symbol and most beloved bird ...more



Rachel Carson is famous for her best-selling environmental writing. She ignited the modern ecogical movement. But Rachel also linked professors, doctors, public health specialists, and more on campuses around the nation.

The Rachel Carson Council carries on Rachel Carson's legacy and has begun to build today's network of Rachel Carson Campuses.

Join with us today and find out more about how your campus can connect to the Rachel Carson Campus network ...more

Featured Campus: San Diego State

San Diego State and the College of Environmental Design have recently joined the Rachel Carson Campus Network ...more

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health joins the Rachel Carson on Campus Network ...more


Compendium of Pesticide Information

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