"Knowing what I do, there would be no future peace for me if I kept silent... It is, in the deepest sense, a privilege as well as a duty to speak out to many thousands of people..." —Rachel Carson
Rachel Carson

The Rachel Carson Council, an association for the integrity of the environment, founded in 1965, seeks to inform and advise the public about the effects of pesticides that threaten the health, welfare, and survival of living organisms and biological systems. The Council promotes alternative, environmentally benign pest management strategies to encourage healthier, sustainable living. ...more

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It has been 50 years since Rachel Carson died at home in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Her best-selling exposé of the dangers of pesticides to birds, animals, and humans, Silent Spring, has been published in the fall of 1962. It had been written while she was battling breast cancer, as well as chemical companies ...more


Rachel Carson Night on Capitol Hill

The Rachel Carson Council hosted a Capitol Hill tribute to Rachel Carson and women environmental leaders and launched CEO Bob Musil's new book, Rachel Carson and Her Sisters on April 9 at the historic Sewall-Belmont House and Museum. The event was co-hosted with the RCC by two contemporary women environmental leaders — Thu Pham, President and CEO of Rachel's Network, made of leading female environmental philanthropists and Heather White, Executive Director of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), one of the nation's largest organizations concerned with environmental health and consumer safety ...more


Save the Date!
Free Event!

Rachel Carson Open House
Saturday, May 3, 2014

This is a unique opportunity to visit the National Historic Landmark Rachel Carson house where she wrote Silent Spring, the book that launched the modern environmental movement.

Enjoy organic refreshments and door prizes while hearing important information from various environmental perspectives as well as musical tributes to Pete Seeger by Spook Handy.

The event will feature Chip Osbourne, founder and president of Osbourne Organics, LLC, Ken Lavish, an Environmental Education Specialist at the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge and Susan Peterson, an environmental activist and writer as well as a book event with RCC's President Robert K. Musil ...more

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Rachel Carson and Her Sisters 2014 — Lecture and Book Appearances by RCC President Bob Musil

In Rachel Carson and Her Sisters, Robert K. Musil redefines the achievements and legacy of environmental pioneer and scientist Rachel Carson ..more



Rachel Carson's work helped save our majestic national emblem

DDT was thinning egg shells so eaglets were not hatching. Now check this live web cam to see live eagles and eaglets on the nest! Download our new no cost Bald Eagle booklet (see below) for classes or your kids.


Bald Eagles
Symbol of Our Nation

This 12 page publication is loaded with facts, games and more. Removing one chemical, DDT, from the environment contributed in large measure to the recovery of the nation's symbol and most beloved bird ...more




Rachel Carson is famous for her best-selling environmental writing. She ignited the modern ecogical movement. But Rachel also linked professors, doctors, public health specialists, and more on campuses around the nation.

The Rachel Carson Council carries on Rachel Carson's legacy and has begun to build today's network of Rachel Carson Campuses.

Join with us today and find out more about how your campus can connect to the Rachel Carson Campus network ...more

Featured Campus: St. Ambrose University ...more

Dr. Bob Musil, RCC President was the featured speaker on April 3 at a luncheon grand rounds at the Penn State Medical College in Hershey, PA ...more



Least-Toxic Ant Control discusses numerous non-toxic methods to control ants in your home.

Topics include:

  • Prevention
  • How to reduce ants' carrying capacity
  • Proper Identification
  • Least-Toxic Chemical Control
  • Carpenter Ants ...more


Least-Toxic Cockroach Control discusses numerous non-toxic methods to control cockroaches in your home.

Topics include:

  • Prevention
  • How to reduce cockroaches' carrying capacity
  • Cleaning
  • Monitoring
  • Least-Toxic Chemical Control ...more



Least-Toxic Termite Control discusses numerous non-toxic methods to control termites in your home.

Topics include:

  • Monitoring and Identification
  • Prevention
  • Controls
  • Post-treatment Monitoring
  • Termite Species ...more



Compendium of Pesticide Information

Songs for the Earth - A Tribute to Rachel Carson

35 Insecticides Used Around Dogs and Cats

Golf At A Crossroads

Rachel Carson Poster

Global Climate Change

No Toxins Lawn Sign


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Occasionally donations are made to the Rachel Carson Council, in memory of or in honor of friends, relatives or special pets. You can find a list of these Special Donations here

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Looking Ahead... News and Events

04/18/14: An Earth Day Salute


Sponsored by the California Center for Land and Water Stewardship
College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona

04/16/14: Author Event - Los Angeles




Thursday, April 24

7:30 pm

453 S. Spring St.
(Entrance on 5th)
Los Angeles, CA 90013


04/16/14: Green Lunch Bag Series


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

12 - 2 PM

San Diego State University

A discussion about how student, faculty, staff, and administrators across diverse campuses, including San Diego State, are leading the way to realize sustainability goals that are transforming higher education. Includes complimentary organic lunch.

RCC President Bob Musil will be speaking about his new book Rachel Carson and Her Sisters: Extraordinary Women Who Have Shaped America's Environment.