"Knowing what I do, there would be no future peace for me if I kept silent... It is, in the deepest sense, a privilege as well as a duty to speak out to many thousands of people..." —Rachel Carson
Rachel Carson

The Rachel Carson Council, an association for the integrity of the environment, founded in 1965, seeks to inform and advise the public about the effects of pesticides that threaten the health, welfare, and survival of living organisms and biological systems. The Council promotes alternative, environmentally benign pest management strategies to encourage healthier, sustainable living. ...more

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Lafayette College Joins the Rachel Carson Campus Network

Lafayette College is nestled above the Delaware River on College Hill, the leafy section of Easton PA, about an hour north of Philadelphia and less than an hour and a half west of New York City. According to RCC President, Dr. Robert K. Musil, who lecture, taught class, and met with faculty and students here in October, the biggest recent change on campus since he attended the Inauguration of President Alyson Byerly in the fall of 2013 is a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Dr. Musil spoke to a packed auditorium in the Kirby Hall of Civile Rights on "Rachel Carson and Her Legacy for Today." Carson's legacy, Musil explained, obviously includes the continuing problem of pesticides first convincingly spelled out for the public in Silent Spring ...More

Study Links Fracking to Premature Births, High-Risk Pregnancies

A new study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has linked hydraulic fracturing, commonly know as fracking, to premature births and high-risk Pregnancies.

Preterm births were 40% higher among women who live in areas of intense drilling and fracking operations, and these women's pregnancies were 30% more likely to be considered "high-risk".

Being born premature is linked to breathing probmems, cerebral palsy, and hearing and visions impairments. In addition, preterm-related causes of death are the single leading cause of infant deaths, the CDC reports, accounting for 35% of infant deaths in 2010 ...Full article

The Meat Industry is Licking it's Chops Over Obama's Massive Trade Deal

The US meat industry scored a big victory this week when world leaders hammered out an agreement that would reduce trade barriers across the Pacific: from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Chile on this side to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Singapore on the other.

The meat industry is currently facing stagnant domestic demand for its product as American eat less meat. The Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP) would open markets in countries that currently protect domestic farmers with tariffs. Japan, for example, agree to slash its tariff on imported beef from 38% to 9% over the next 15 years ...Full article

Montgomery County, Maryland Becomes First Major Locality to Ban Cosmetic Pesticides From Lawns

Montgomery County, MD became the country's first major locality to ban the use of cosmetic pesticides on private lawns, concluding that the time-honored right of suburganites to maintain pristine, weed-free yards was superceded by a body of scientific evidence linking the widely-used chemical pesticides to cancer.

The County Council voted 6-to-3 to impose the ban on the chemicals even though they are deemed safe by the EPA when used appropriately—effective at the beginning of 2018 ...Full article

We May Have Just Bought Ourselves An Extra Decade to Avoid Catastrophic Climate Change

Virtually every major country has made pledges to limit or reduce carbon pollution in advance of the Paris climate talks this December. These pledges generally end in 2025 or 2030, and so they only matter if the world keeps ratcheting down its greenhouse gas emissions in future agreements until we get near zero by century's end. Otherwise we will blow past the 2ºC line of defense against very dangerous-to-catastrophic global warming and hit 3.6º by 2100. That's the key finding of a new analysis from Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan School of Business ...Full article

Using the Legal System to Fight Factory Farms

In her powerful TedXManhattan talk about fighting factory farms through the legal system, Food & Justice co-director Michele Merkel says: "Even a loss, if you pick the right fight, can catalyze great change." We believe in this sentiment, and that's why we are partnering with organizations in North Carolina to take action against the spread of hog "CAFOs," concentrated animal feeding operations. Stay tune for reports and other resources designed to empower students, university leaders, and community members to understand the connections between CAFOs, human health, the environment, social justice, and climate change. Watch the video here

Exxon: The Road Not Taken

Exxon Confirmed Global Warming Consensus in 1982 with In-House Climate Models

The company chairman would later mock models as unreliable while he campaigned to stop global action to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Through much of the 1980s, Exxon researchers worked alongside university and government scientists to generate objective climate models that yielded papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Their work confirmed the emerging consensus on global warming's risk.

Yet starting in 1989, Exxon leaders went down a different road ...Full article

It's Official: Summer 2015 Hottest Ever in Recorded History

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admiistration (NOAA) announced that this past summer was the hottest on record globally.

Global average temperatures for 2015 are far above those of the six warmest years on record. Photo: NOAA

This summer, 11 states across the West nd Southeast were much warmer than average, according to NOAA. Oregan, Washington, California and Nevada are iikely to have their hottest years on record. India has endured a brutal heat wave that killed over 2,300 people ...Full article

Rachel Carson's Critics Keep On, But She Told the Truth About DDT

More than a half a century after scientist Rachel Carson warned of the dangers of overusing the pesticide DDT, conservative groups continue to vilify her and blame her for a resurgence of malaria. But DDT is still used in many countries where malaria now rages.

Any time a writer mentions Rachel Carson's 1962 book Silent Spring or the subsequent U.S. ban on DDT, the loonies come out of the woodwork ...Full article

Bees and Flowers Have A Special Relationship, and Climate Change is Screwing it Up

As if neonics and other pesticides weren't enough to deal with, a recent study demonstrated that global warming has fueled drastic bee habitat loss, leading to a 200-mile reduction in their natural environments. A new video (see link below), produced by High Country News, explores a curious new coupling between climate change and bee ecosystems. Because bees depend on flowers for food and flowers depend on bees for pollination, the two groups of organisms tend to synch up ...Full article

In Appalachia, the coal industry is in collapse,
but the mountains aren't coming back

In Appalachia, explosions have leveled the mountaintops, where barren expanses of dirt stretch for miles. This is a process known as "mountaintop removal", in which coal companies use explosives to blast away hundreds of feet of rock in order to unearth seams of coal, leaving a permanently damaged landscape. In the first half of this year, at least 6 coal domestic coal companies have filed for bankruptcy but their legacy of damage will remain ...Full article

Fracking Fight Heats Up in Ohio

Enivronmentalists sue Ohio's secretary of state after he strips communities of the right to vote on fracking intrastructure projects

With the oil and gas industry already reveling in a recent Ohio Supreme Court decision stripping local control on fracking and other extraction activities away from communities, the Secretary of State has now handed the industry another victory, opening the door for fracking infrastructure projects to spread even faster across Ohio ...Full article

12 Universities Leading the Charge in
Serving Locally-Source Food

Oberlin College supplies its dining halls with produce from its own 70-acre George Jones Memorial Farm about a mile from campus. Photo credit: George Jones Memorial Farm

Many cafeterias around the U.S. are working to provide students with healthy, sustainable meal options. to do this, colleges and universities are changing the way they purchase and prepare food in their cafeterias and many of them are beginning to source food locally.

Universities can play a big role in their local and state economies: they provide jobs and attract new businesses to the community. Now, many of these institutions are taking their role a step further and investing in local agriculture by serving locally sourced foods in their cafeterias ...Full article

Fusushima Today: A First-person Account From the Field and the Conference Table

Contaminated soil is being dug up from approximately 1,000 sites

It has been more than four years since the east coast of Japan was hit wtih a Magnitude 9 earthquake, followed by a massive tsunami and then the meltdown of 3 nuclear reactors. Design mistakes, a poor safety culture, and human error exacerbated the situation. It all happened within the span of one hour, searing the name "Fukushima" into the world's collective memory ...Full article

More Evidence of Roundup's
Link to Kidney, Liver Damage

Scientists report worrisome changes to live and kidney genes in rats, adding to evidence that a popular herbicide may be toxic.

Long-term exposure to tiny amounts of Roundup™—thousands of time lower than what is permitted in U.S. drinking water—may lead to serious prolems in the liver and kidneys, according to a new study.

The study looked at the function of genes in these organs and bolsters a controverisal 2012 study that found rats exposed to small aconts of the herbicide Roundup™ in their drinking water had liver and kidney damage. It is the first to examine the impacts of chronic, low exposure of Roundup™ on genes in livers and kidneys and suggest another potential health impact for people and animals from the widely used weed killer ...Full article

Baltimore Wins Grants to Remove Health Hazards from Homes

It's a hidden danger that's affected the health of thousands of Baltimore City children — hazardous lead in paint and other items in homes. Now there's a multi-million dollar effort to eliminate lead paint dangers

U.S. Housing Secretary Julian Castro announced a nearly $4 million grant to the city for lead abatement and the cleanup of other hazards that harm city kids' health and keep them from achieving.

"Every family deserves to live in a safe and healthy home where they can see their children thrive and excel,"
U.S. Housing Secretary Julian Castro

City officials and advocates say such funding has helped reduce the number of lead-paint poisoning cases by more than 90% since the mid-1990s. However, since it takes so little lead to cause learning and behavorial problems in a child, new cases continue to emerge as residents move into older housing. Lead paint was banned for sale in Baltimore in 1950 and elsewhere in 1978, yet many homes still contain it ...Full article

Banned Pesticides Pose A Greater Risk to Bees Than Thought, EU Experts Warn

New Study by the European Food and Safety Authority (Efsa) finds 'high risk' to bees from neonicotinoid pesticide sprays prompting calls for extending ban

Already proscribed for seed treatments and soil applications, the Efsa analysis states that clothianidin, imidacloprid and thismethoxam also pose a 'high risk' to bees when sprayed on leaves. Use of the prohibited substances has been linked to dramatic declines in bee populations ...Full article

RCC Special Report: What's in Your Food?

According to the Environmental Working Group's 2015 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce nearly two-thirds of the 3,015 produce samples tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2013 contained pesticide residues.

Find out what the top 5 most widely used pesticides in America are as well as 12 common foods that are contaminated with high numbers of pesticides including tomatoes, apples, spinach, grapes and more ...Full report

Rachel Carson's Cottage at the Edge of the Sea

Rachel Carson's summer cottage in Southport, Maine sits amidst pruce and pine atop a rocky bluff overlooking tidal pools and gulls and lobster boats. Like Carson, the cottage seems reserved, a bit old-fashioned, occasionally lonely. But to enter this pine-paneled stretch of rooms with its picture windows to the sea and sunsets is to discover Rachel Carson's sense of wonder ...more

Weed Whackers

Monsanto, glyphosate, and the war on invasive species

A thousand people gathered for the annual California Native Plant Society conference in San Jose, settling down to a banquet and a keynote speech delivered by an environmental historian named Jared Farmer. His chosed topic was the eucalyptus tree and its role in California's ecology and history. The address did not go well. In the eyes of those gathered the eucalyptus qualified as "invasive," "exoctic," "alien" — all dirty words to this crowd, who were therefore convinced that the tree was dangerously combustible, unfriendly to birds, and excessively greedy in competing for water with hones native species ...Full article

What Does it Mean for the Food Industry
to Scrap Anitbiotics, Cages, GMOs,
and Artificial Ingredients?

This has been a big year in the restaurant and food-retail world, with many brands and chains annoucing significant overhauls of their supply chains and ingredients with an eye toward animal welfare and public health-or so it might seem.

While changes announced by Costco, Hershey, and McDonald's in recent months represent some sort of progress, it's important to understand what terms such as "cage-free", for example, mean. If you think that cage-free hens are wandering freely around some idyllic barnyard, pecking at bugs and grass and eating GMO-free corn, the reality of that designation looks far different ...Full article

Pollinator Power: Benefits of an Ecosystem Service

The dramatic losses of cultivated honey bees due to colony collapse disorder as well as declines of native pollinator species across the globe has scientists calculating the extent to which food crops depend on animal pollinators.

On study has assigned an economic value to the "ecosystem service" provided by pollinators at approximately $167 billion. "It's really well known that pollination changes the yields of crops and the economics of farming." says Taylor Ricketts, director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont. It's becomming better know, he says, that pollination also affects the nutritional value of foods ...Full article

To Save Bees, Some States
Take Aim at Pesticides

The orange groves in Fort Myers, Florida, have turned to poison for David Mendes' honeybees. The one time winter havens for bees have been treated with a popular pesticides that he says kills his livelihood.

States and the federal government are searching for ways to protect managed bees like Mendes' and their wild counterparts. The White House issued a strategy in May to promote the health of honeybees and at least 24 states have enacted laws to protect bees and other pollinators such as bats, birds and butterflies ...Full article and interactive bee loss map

Rachel Carson Discovered in West Virginia?

Where would you look for Rachel Carson's typewriter, the oversized magnifying glass with which she poured over the tiny print of Federal publications to be edited, or her earliest memos warning about DDT in 1945?

Her homes in Maine, Maryland, or near Pittsburgh? The Yale Beinecke Rare Book Library? Likely suspects, but such Rachel Carson archival treasures are found at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia ...more

"Cactus Dome" - Global Warming Causing Radioactive Material to Leak into Pacific Ocean from Marshall Islands

5 years after the Fukishima disaster, yet another radioactive threat is raising its ugly head in the Pacific. It is the result of a dozen years of nucelar tests following WWII, now intersecting with rising sea levels due to global climate change.

You may never have heard of "Cactus Dome," but chances are you know the name "Bikini." The Bikini Atoll, part of the Marshall Islands, was the site of the first nuclear tests after the Second World War. The program came to an end in 1958, but by then there was enough radioactive waste to cover a hole the width of three-and-half football fields to a depth of 30 feet ...Full article

What Are We Doing to Ourselves? 84,000 Chemicals and Only 1% Have Been Tested

Woman are particularly at rish because they use more personal care products than men.

There are around 84,000 chemicals on the market, and we come into contact with many of them every single day. And if that isn't enough to cause concern, the shocking fact is that only 1% of them have been studied for safety.

In 2010, at a hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on Superfund, Toxics and Environmental Health, Lisa Jackson, then the administrator of the EPS, put our current hyper-toxic era into sharp perspective: "A child born in America today will grow up exposed to more chemicals than and other generation in our history." ...Full article

Big Food and Chemical Corporations Spend Millions to Attack Organic

Report exposes growth in front groups and PR spin to win over skeptical consumers

In response to skyrocketing growth in organic and non-GMO food sales, food and agrochemical companies have spent millions of dollars over the past several years on stealth communication campaigns designed to defend industrial agriculture, sway opinion leaders and win over skeptical consumers, according to a report released by Friends of the Earth.

The report, "Spinning Food: How Food Industry Front Groups and Covert Communications are Shaping the Story of Food," documents unprecedented levels of spending from front groups, trade associations, anti-GMO labeling campaigns, federal check-off programs and vast corporate marketing budgets aimed at defusing public concern about the risks of chemical-intensive industrial agriculture ...Full article

Startling Link Between Pregnant Mother's Exposure to DDT and Daughter's Risk of Breast Cancer

Banned by the US in 1972, the insecticide DDT is best know as the impetus for the modern environmental movement. Since Rachel Carson's bestseller Silent Spring sounded the alarm about the poisonous effects of the chemical on wildlife, the environment and human health, numerous studies have linked it to birth defects, miscarriage and reduced fertility.

The EPA classifies DDT as a "probable" carcinogen. A new study pubished in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinoloogy and Metabolism found a startling link between preganat women exposed to DDT and the breast cancer risk to their daughters ...Full article


Looking Ahead... News and Events

05/21/15: Rachel Carson Council President Events

RCC President Upcoming Events

RCC President Dr. Robert K. Musil will be lecturing and book signing in the following locations:

  • US Fish and Wildlife Service National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, WV
  • St. Vincent College, Latrobe, PA
  • Baltimore Bird Club, Baltimore, MD