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Kids Activities


The Bald Eagle — Symbol of Our Nation

This 12 page publication is loaded with facts, games and more. Removing one chemical, DDT, from the environment contributed in large measure to the recovery of the nation's symbol and most beloved bird.

• Bald Eagle facts
• You Can Draw
• Word Search
• Glossary of terms
• Food Chain and Biomagnification
• Bald Eagle's Status: Past and Present
• Raptors.

February 2014 Download PDF


About Rachel Carson for Little Earthkin Friends

This 29 page publication is full of great activities, stories and much more for kids of all ages. Whether it's a planting chart to attract wildlife or a Family Activity page about wetlands exploration, this publication provides a wealth of information and fun!

October 2011 Download PDF

Chapters include:
• Rachel Carson's Brief Biography
• No Peace in Keeping Silent
• Cats, Rats & Bugs in Borneo
• Children & Birds
• Wetlands of Wonder and Worth
• If You Plant It They Will Come
• Source of Wonder, Source of Strength
• How You Can Help
• Test Your Knowledge
• Trivia Questions
• Ladybugs — Beautiful and Helpful
• Web of Life


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