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Rachel Carson Day Proclamations

Rachel Carson Council has contacted private citizens and government officials across the nation asking them to join us in proclaiming May 27th Rachel Carson Day. So far forty-four proclamations from localities in  thirty-three states and the District of Columbia have been proclaimed.

Special events have accompanied some of the Rachel Carson Day proclamations.  Here are some highlights.

In Washington State the proclamation was made in conjunction with International Women’s Day.  In Santa Fe, New Mexico elementary school children were invited to City Hall to accept the proclamation from the mayor.  In Prescott, Arizona the proclamation was presented at an Earth Day Festival. In many states Rachel Carson Day has been a day when citizens were asked to refrain from using pesticides and to seek alternative methods of pest management.

The Rachel Carson Day Proclamation from Carrboro, North Carolina reflected the town’s health-based outlook, as the following paragraph shows:

Carrboro has honored Rachel Carson’s work through its environmental policies and practices, including its Least Toxic Integrated Pest Management Program which avoids the use of conventional pesticides on town property including lawns, parks, sports fields and buildings, including Town Hall and the Century Center.”

Seattle, Washington’s mayor, Gregory J. Nickels, added a strong personal statement to his city’s proclamation:

I encourage everyone to join me in the celebration of Rachel Carson’s life by taking action to eliminate the use of toxic pesticides in our communities.”

Seattle has also designated some parks pesticide-free.

Joy Austin-Lane, a city council member from Takoma Park, Maryland, successfully sponsored a resolution that concluded:

…we invite residents throughout Takoma Park to observe this day, the birth date of Rachel Carson, by refraining from using chemical pesticides on this day and ask residents for their cooperation in seeking alternate methods of pest management.”

In Lawrence, Kansas, Mayor Highberger proclaimed

“…Friday, May 27, 2005 to be Rachel Carson Day and [urged] citizens of Lawrence to cooperate in seeking alternative methods of pest management by refraining from using chemical pesticides on this day.”

When discussing pesticide use in the Kansas City Star, Mayor Highberger also reported,

“Lawrence Parks and Recreation has done a good job of lowering the amount of pesticides … they use, but I think we can still go farther.”

In Wisconsin with the Proclamation from Madison’s Mayor Cieslewicz  he stated;

“…Madison, Wisconsin does hereby proclaim… Rachel Carson Day in the City of Madison in honor of her prophetic work and urges all residents of Madison to focus their attention on the potentially serious hazards associated with chemical pesticides by refraining from using chemical pesticides on this day.”

A hopeful indication for future generations came from New Jersey when an outstanding 11 year old boy received the 2005 proclamation for Cape May, New Jersey.  This young student stated:

Rachel Carson was one of the first environmental activists to speak out against pesticide bug spraying … The world was too naïve to realize what was happening… That’s why Rachel Carson took it upon herself to warn … of the harm being caused.  Many people condemned her… but her warnings about DDT and many pesticides turned out to be true, and still are.  Maybe if people read this book [Silent Spring] today, they would learn of the downside of pesticides.”

We at Rachel Carson Council are very pleased that so many communities across the country have chosen to recognize Rachel Carson on the day of her birth. We hope many more communities will honor Ms. Carson and by doing so, will help to educate all our citizens about the potential risks associated with chemical pesticide use.  We believe greater citizen awareness about Rachel Carson and the important work she accomplished will inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

If you would like to sponsor a Rachel Carson Day where you live, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would be more than happy to help you. Also you can look at our "Reasons to Celebrate Rachel Carson Day", and our sample proclaimation.

Below is a summary of states that have chosen to celebrate Rachel Carson Day in the past.


Municipality of Anchorage Proclamation


Arizona State Legislature Senate

City of Prescott Proclamation “Rachel Carson Appreciation Day”


Arkansas State Senate Citation


City of Berkeley Proclamation


Official Statement from the Office of the Governor


Tribute from the Office of the Governor


Proclamation from Broward County

Proclamation from the City of Fort Lauderdale


Indiana State Senate Proclamation, Indiana General Assembly


State of Iowa Executive Department Proclamation


Office of the Mayor Proclamation Lawrence, Kansas


Office of the Mayor Proclamation Louisville, Kentucky


State Of Maine Joint Resolution


Proclamation from the Governor’s Office

City of Annapolis Proclamation

Town of Chevy Chase Proclamation

Montgomery County Proclamation

City of Greenbelt Proclamation

City of Rockville Proclamation

Takoma Park City Council Resolution


City of Boston Proclamation

Town of Eastham Proclamation


Special Tribute from 93rd Legislature


Proclamation from the City Of Minneapolis


Resolution from the Missouri State Senate


Proclamation from the Mayor of Missoula


Nebraska Legislative Resolution 36


Proclamation form the Office of the Governor


County of Cape May  Resolution No. 422-05


Official Proclamation of the City of Santa Fe


Resolution 71-05, Legislature of the County of Schenectady


Town of Carrboro Proclamation


City of Portland Proclamation


Proclamation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives


Senate Resolution from the General Assembly


Texas House of Representatives


Vermont Joint Senate Resolution 38


Proclamation from the County of Fairfax


Proclamation from the Office of the Mayor, City of Seattle

Washington State House Resolution No. 4719 In honor of International Women’s Day


Proclamation from the Office of the Mayor


Proclamation from the City of Morgantown


Mayoral Proclamation, City of Madison