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Rachel Carson on Campus

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Rachel Carson is famous for her best-selling environmental writing. She ignited the modern ecological movement. But Rachel also linked professors, doctors, public health specialists, and more on campuses around the nation. Before there was texting or tablets, e-mail or smart phones, Rachel Carson corresponded with and drew on the knowledge and commitment of those who studied the health effects of pesticides, the decline and death of birds, fish, and mammals. She worked with oceanographers, marine biologists, radiation and health specialists, oncologists and epidemiologists.
Yale houses the Rachel Carson Papers at its
Beinecke Rare Book Library.

Rachel Carson learned from campus leaders; and she led them. She connected them. With her friends and colleagues, Rachel Carson created a growing network of concerned and caring campus environmentalists.

The Rachel Carson Council carries on Rachel Carson's legacy and has begun to build today's network of Rachel Carson Campuses.

Our world faces increasing complex and dangerous environmental challenges global climate change, energy production from fracking, tar sands, coal, and deep oil drilling, toxic chemicals in widespread use in our daily life, huge chemically-based agribusiness, overdevelopment, sprawl, and the loss of precious ecosystems and species.

America's proud array of over 4,000 colleges and universities - and our friends, colleagues, and partners on campuses around the world - is key to any solutions to our environmental crisis.

The Rachel Carson Campus network is unique in drawing on every discipline, every division and department, every individual who can contribute to understanding, solving, and acting to save and reclaim our environmental heritage and human health.

The RCC network draws on the sciences and the humanities, the arts and agriculture, engineering and entrepreneurship, and is open to all. It urges active citizen engagement for administrators, faculty, staff, and students. We need cutting edge-research, top-notch education, and energy-efficient, sustainable campuses. But it is not enough. We need the wonder, imagination, and power of the arts to help us feel and communicate as Rachel Carson did. We need each area of campus life to work together in common purpose. And, like Rachel Carson, each student, each scientist, each scholar must speak out boldly and join with others across the nation and the globe.

Join with us today and find out more about how your campus can connect to the Rachel Carson Campus Network.

Members of the Rachel Carson Campus Network


Phone: (301)214-2400